5 advantages of investing in a new construction in Ibiza

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Many reasons can lead us to wish to live on an island: the weather, its beaches and coves, its nature and landscapes … Proof of it is that more and more tourists who travel to the Balearic Islands decide that one of them is the place to begin a new life. So much so, that investment in a new construction in these islands has been on the rise in recent years.

In this post we will tell you exactly about the 5 main advantages of investing in a new construction in Ibiza.

1. Ready to move homes

The first advantage of buying a new construction home is that they are ready to move. These homes are built with better materials and are brand new, so they do not require long and tedious restoration processes. As a general rule, they are ready to be inhabited as of closing and signing date.

2. Superb location.

It is common for new construction homes to be located in areas far from city centres, so that it is easier to find greater tranquility and a lower level of noise. In the case of new construction homes in Ibiza, they are also designed and intended for cohabiting with the island’s nature, making it easy to enjoy its landscapes and the benefits of breathing fresh air directly from our home.

3. Better features

In relation to the previous point, this type of housing with a bigger building area, have extras such as garage parkings, landscaped zones, swimming pools and large common spaces. It translates into a better quality of life and greater comfort for its inhabitants.

4. Energy and financial savings

Newly built homes have been created based on the new laws regulating energy efficiency. That is why they are much more efficient homes when it comes to obtaining energy from natural resources. In the case of new construction homes in Ibiza, one of the main factors is that they have a good orientation to make the most of the sunlight hours. This means saving in the expense of conventional energy obtained through electricity or gas, and therefore translates into a great economic saving for homeowners.

5. The excitement of moving into a brand new home

We can not deny that moving into a completely brand new place where nobody has ever lived before is quite an exciting experience. Such excitement begins from the moment you sign the contract and the deeds. It’s time to furnish and decorate to your taste, that is, to feel the new home as yours.

In addition to these 5 advantages, investing in new construction homes in Ibiza has many others pluses such as the developer’s guarantee, lower taxes, etc. If we add the great fortune of living in a natural paradise, we can not think of better reasons to start looking for your new home. Prepare the move and feel the unique experience offered by living in one of the Pine Trees Islands.

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