Contemporary design flats, tips about this type of construction.

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Today, we are determined to tell you all the secrets about contemporary design flats, a style at the top of the agenda and one of the most followed trends in architecture in recent years.

Contemporary refers to the 21st century. That is, all we know and see in recent years. It is important to differentiate it from modern design, which is what emerged from the Modern Movement and follows other quite different patterns in terms of decoration.

When talking about contemporary design, the first thing we must bear in mind is that there are no universal guidelines to apply it and it depends a lot on the personality of its authors. But we can define a series of common characteristics that could help you to identify contemporary design flats at a glance.

1. Contemporary style always employs the latest cutting-edge technologies in both construction and materials.
2. Contemporary design flats always show traits of interest for sustainability and respect for the environment.
3. Another aspect to highlight in this type of designs is the tendency to combine new advances in materials, furniture and construction; with handmade touches. For example, hand-woven rugs, craftsman furniture, etc.
4. Bold yet sophisticated and sober. Variety is the spice of life and contemporary style presents a fresh and innovative aesthetic, able to take back decorative elements considered snobby yet at the same time, it takes part of the essence of minimalism so as not to overload the space too much.
5. In terms of colour, you may realise that contemporary design flats have expanded the colour palette and it is not limited to a few shades only. It allows an infinite number of colour combinations.
6. Lighting, just as in the modern style, it is also very important in the contemporary style. It continues to maintain the preference for well-lit spaces with ease to allow the entry of natural light. Although it keeps something else in mind, people’s intimacy and privacy.
7. One of the things that I like the most about this decorative style is experimentation. Monotony and symmetry are not allowed in contemporary design. Open interiors, completely asymmetrical façades, a mix of construction elements, etc.
8. Inclusion of recycled elements. Undoubtedly, contemporary style has become the best known in terms of recycling, using elements such as pallets, chipboard or reused plastics on numerous occasions.

It is clear that contemporary design flats are quite frequent today. Applying this trend to yours will not cost you so much work if you follow these tips and above all, if you trust your creativity. Don’t think twice!

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