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Now that you are planning to move to your next brand-new flat in Ibiza, we want to give you a series of tips that will help you achieve a truly dreamlike decoration. If you do not know where to start or this is the first time decorating a new flat, you need to read this information!

Decorating a new flat in Ibiza

Moving to a brand-new flat? This is the right time to begin thinking about the decoration of your new flat. Look, it will be your new home, and you certainly should feel comfortable and cosy in it. It also should portrait your personality and make you feel at home.

Do not miss these tips that will help you decorate your new flat in Ibiza with easy and with spectacular results. Take full note!

1. Say goodbye to the past. New flat, new life. We recommend you to start from scratch in your new flat and that, although there are some things that you can surely reuse, avoid trying to adapt everything to the newly available space.
2. Measure everything accurately. Measure all rooms in the flat, be specific and accurate. This will help you not to miss a detail and will facilitate the task of finding the most suitable solutions to your space according to its requirements.
3. Trends? Yes, but not at all costs. When decorating a new flat, you can bet on new trends. But, watch out! Don’t let yourself be carried away by flashy stuff. Bet on trends that have a permanent nature over time and that do not tend to go out of fashion extremely fast.
4. Choosing colours to decorate. The most straightforward formula to decorate is to bet on no more than three colours. Bet on a prevailing neutral colour for most of the decoration (60%), a second colour somewhat more saturated (30%) and a last riskier colour (10%); which will help you to include some decorative accents.
5. Bet on a style and stick to it. You have a great diversity of decoration styles to choose from (contemporary, modern, industrial, etc.). Of course, when you opt for one of them, follow the baseline established by that style and apply it to all the rooms in your new flat.
6. Details make big differences. Your new flat should also convey your personality. Choose details that match your personality and include them in the decoration. You will infuse personality and originality to your new home.
7. Minimalism to power. Undoubtedly, we already have minimalism internalised. So, bet on not saturating the space with furniture, decoration, ornaments, etc.; it will always be a good idea. Do not try to fill up the space of your new flat with stuff. Let it become complemented naturally and in due proportion. Avoid overloading spaces and always look for minimalism’s bet on simplicity.
8. Natural plants. Plants are something that cannot be missing in your home. They will provide a distinctive touch to the decoration and will equip the space with an aura of tranquillity and relaxation. Also, you will enjoy the benefits of having natural plants at home.

Finally, now that you know all these tips, we want to give you one last recommendation: do not hurry to decorate everything at once. Take it easy and do it with great care. Your new flat in Ibiza will thank you, and only then you will have the assured success in decoration. As an extra tip, we give you one last idea. Include some decorative accent that refers to the island. You will fall in love with your new flat!

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