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Living in a duplex allows you to enjoy a lot of advantages. But do you know what a duplex exactly is? It is a house with two floors united by an internal staircase, whose space offers greater functionality, a better distribution and, undoubtedly and as a rule, a number of square meters higher than those provided by single-story apartments.

The option of distributing the whole house in two different floors also allows you to better isolate each space. This way, you can use the lower part as a work area and the upper floor for resting, or vice versa. Living in a duplex offers endless possibilities. Therefore, if you are looking to acquire a property, we recommend duplexes as an option. A highly recommended alternative for large families or people who need more at a better price than multi-story or detached houses.

Therefore, in this post we want to recommend you the essential factors when choosing your duplex in Ibiza. Efficiency, design, savings… Read on!

Duplex in Ibiza, but where in Ibiza?

It is very important that you consider the expectations you wish to meet with your future home in terms of location. It’s not only a matter of taste but you should also analyse the priorities leading you to choose to live in one place instead of another.

In this sense, although Ibiza can offer you countless places for leisure, a greater atmosphere and a greater labour supply, towns such as Santa Eulalia or San Antoni will provide you with the possibility of living a quieter life, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists from the capital city. It is true that any of the Pitiusas (Pine Islands) Islands is the ideal place to establish your residence, because they offer the quality of life that you will not find in the rest of the national scenery.

Acquiring a home is a serious decision since, in addition, it usually is for a lifetime. Therefore, if you already made up your mind about having a duplex in Ibiza, the important thing now is to know your needs and your preferences when choosing the location where to acquire it.

Duplex in Ibiza? Yes, but it must be energy efficient

After choosing the location, we also consider important to determine the spaces or rooms that your duplex in Ibiza should have. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living room… Designing your home or choosing an already designed one that suits your needs is very important to guarantee that you will not miss anything. In addition, it will facilitate the task of planning and choosing the decoration.

In terms of decoration and design, in the case of two-story homes, it is important to know if the floors are going to have a similar layout or if you want to differentiate them depending on how you intend to use them. It is also important to consider whether the duplex is well oriented to know the amount of brightness that we will have. Choosing a well-oriented duplex is not only a guarantee of living in a bright place, but it also guarantees big energy savings, in which you will save electricity for the light and the house’s air conditioning.

In this sense, because air conditioning a two-story home is always more complex than doing it in a single-story home, considering elements such as orientation, the materials with which it has been built and the system of enclosures is fundamental to choose a residence that is as efficient, energetically speaking, as possible.

What kind of mortgage to choose for your duplex in Ibiza?

Last but not least is to think about the type of mortgage that best suits your financial situation.
Currently, variable rate mortgages are highly recommended given that the Euribor remains at historic lows. This offers you a very tempting and favourable position when buying a property. Obviously, choosing these type of mortgages carries the risk of the real estate market’s fluctuation. The years of your mortgage and the fluctuation of the Euribor in that period, will be the factors that will determine the profitability of your investment.

Fixed-rate mortgages are also a very interesting option, as they remain attractive, offering much lower interest rates than those requested in the past. Especially, these type of mortgages may interest you if you do not wish to get any sudden variation in your monthly mortgage payment.

In any case, the profitability of the purchase and, therefore, that of your decision will always depend on the conditions of one rate or the other. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to analyse them beforehand with a financial advisor.

At SA Tanqueta we know that choosing a duplex in Ibiza will always be a good decision. The multitude of possibilities offered by these type of housings as well as the quality of life that you can have on the island will make it your best investment for the future!

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