Flat with common areas In Spain. What can we consider as such?

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Strolling, taking a dip in the pool, playing with the kids… These are just some of the things you could do when living in a flat with common areas in Spain. But what do you need to know to make the most of it? Today we dedicate our post to the topic and we want to help by clarifying what can and what cannot be called common areas.

What do we understand by common areas in Spain?

The current concept of housing goes much further than the property itself and in most of the newly built or soon-to-be-built developments, the so-called common areas are included. Green spaces, playgrounds, sport courts, parking spaces, swimming pools… All of them are considered common areas. But look, what does the regulation on the subject provide for?

In the Horizontal Property Law, we cannot find a detailed list but a reference in article 3, to the provisions of the Civil Code and in particular; in article 396. Thus, although it is not a limited number of elements and items can be added; the most common are:

– Soils, clearances, foundations and roofs.
– Structural elements and among them the pillars, beams, floors and load-bearing walls.
– Facades, with the external coatings of terraces, balconies and windows, including their layout or configuration, their closing elements and external coatings.
– Front doors, stairs, lobbies, corridors, passages, walls, pits, patios, wells and the enclosures intended for elevators, storage rooms, meters, telephony or other utilities or common facilities, even those of exclusive use.
– Elevators.
– Installations, pipes and pipelines (up to the entrance of the exclusive use area), for:
• sewers and water supply, gas or electricity, including those solar energy.
• those for domestic hot water, heating, air conditioning, ventilation or exhaust systems.
• fire detection and prevention.
• those for intercom and other security systems in the building.
• those for collective antennas and other installations for audio-visual or telecommunication services.
• servitudes and any other material or legal elements that due to their nature or use are indivisible.

The importance of common areas

Undoubtedly, the biggest reason why to bet on a flat with common areas is the quality of life they bring to your day to day. Arriving from work and taking a dip in the pool, enjoying a nice afternoon play session with the children, parking with ease… A large dose of comfort that will convince you.
But we must also add other advantages such as proximity, security, the aesthetic plus provided by the green areas, bonding with other tenants; even getting into good shape if a gym or a sport court are among the common areas.
Would you like to live in a flat with common areas in Ibiza? The Sa Tanqueta development is perfect for you. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about the flats and of course, the wonderful common areas they will include!

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