Santa Eulalia Ibiza, what to visit and do in the area?

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In case you haven’t been to Santa Eulalia Ibiza, today we have gathered all the information you need to know about this municipality located in Ibiza and everything you can visit or do in the area. Take note because we are sure that you will discover many things that you did not know yet.

Santa Eulalia Ibiza, a lot to offer

Located in the eastern part of the island of Ibiza, Santa Eulalia is one of the most well-known municipalities and the third most populated on the island. Characterised for being quiet and family-friendly, it dissociates itself from the mass tourism frequent in Ibiza.

In addition to having all kinds of services, restaurants, shops, leisure areas; Santa Eulalia has some really unique places that you surely don’t know and that you will love. Do you want to discover them?

1. Pont Vell. Santa Eulalia’s Roman bridge is one of the greatest heritage attractions in the area. Located at the entrance of the municipality, its construction date hasn’t been clearly determined yet, although the first references date back to the year 1720. This bridge is surrounded by legends which led it to be known as the “Devil’s Bridge” since formerly, the popular tradition regarded it as a dwelling for witches.

2. Mount Puig de Missa. One of the best-known places in Santa Eulalia and visited by tourists is the Mount Puig de Missa. An essential visit for both travellers and residents in the area, for its incredible views and because the highest part hosts one of the main monuments of the municipality: the Santa Eulalia’s Church. It is one of the oldest in Ibiza and was built as a fortress in the highest part of the town to defend it against possible pirate attacks.

3. The Barrau Museum. During your climb to Mount Puig de Missa go to the famous Barrau Museum, located right at the foot of the Santa Eulalia’s church. It is a small house dedicated to the life and work of painter Laureà Barrau, who lived in this charming white house with blue windows until his death.

4. The Ethnography Museum. This museum, also located in Puig de Missa, houses a selection of paintings by aforementioned Catalan painter Laureà Barrau. Likewise, it offers a great vision of the Ibizan culture and has a wide exhibition of utensils, jewellery or weapons employed anciently.

5. The Marina. One of the most striking things in Santa Eulalia is its exclusive marina which has become a place of great interest for luxury boats. Thus, strolling through the area will provide you with unique and truly impressive views.

6. The Hippie Market. Santa Eulalia can boast of having the most attractive flea market on the island. And that’s the Hippie Market of Punta Arabí, a dream place that awakens great passions amongst all Ibiza’s inhabitants. Each year, thousands of visitors come to the market for that reason; it has become one of the most famous on the island. Tradition, originality and craftsmanship combine to create a magical market full of history.

And of course, we cannot forget the coves and beaches that form part of this municipality. Crystal clear waters, fine sand and a unique environment are waiting for you. If you still haven’t been to Santa Eulalia, we are sure that with this list of places you will discover some of the most secret corners of the island and, you will want to visit them all!

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