What to see in Ibiza? 10 things you cannot miss of the island

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If on the white island, or planning to visit, this post will interest you. Here we want to tell you what to see in Ibiza or, at least, reveal to you the 10 things that you cannot miss before you leave.

If we should highlight the main reason why we recommend you to visit the island, that could be the beauty of its beaches and creeks. Thanks to the quality, the state of its crystalline waters and their temperature, many of the island’s beaches have carved out a place for themselves among the best ones in the Mediterranean Sea.
Whether to cool off or to take a break, Ibiza’s creeks will recharge you with the energy you need on your vacation.

To the north of the island and with more than 100,000 years of history, we find one of the oldest natural tourist attractions. Waterfalls, furrows created by the course of water and exotic forms throughout your journey, make this cave a must in your days on the island. There, you can even see traces left by smugglers since the used to mark the places where they left their goods. They were the first dwellers.

Es Vedrà is a 400-metre high island. Although it cannot be visited due to its high ecological value, it can be seen from different points of Ibiza, thus offering one of the most spectacular landscapes to enjoy on the island. Also, many legends and myths surround this mound which was also one of the favorite spots for hippie communes.
Undoubtedly, recommended by visitors and Ibizans, this would be one of the places we suggest you to highlight in your Ibiza travel guide.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Ibizan fortress Dalt Vila allows you to travel in time to visit a period when Ibiza was a target for pirates. Touring the fortress, all its bastions, breathing its art and its history, are just some of the pleasures you can enjoy while strolling through it. In addition, thanks to its wide variety of restaurants, it is an ideal place to get to know the local cuisine. Don’t miss it!

While it is true that Ibiza has always been characterised by having a great atmosphere, there are also places surrounded by a spiritual and special halo that allows many tourists to break the monotony. Many of the legends surrounding these places will allow you to travel through history and find your most spiritual self.
Es Vedrà, Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort or Cova des Culleram are places where you can retreat to meditate, connect with nature and feel the true essence of Ibiza.

Although Ibiza has many places where you can get lost for days, we recommend you to visit its neighboring island, the small island of Formentera. Sailing in transparent waters and visiting virgin creeks is an experience that only the Pityusic Island can offer you.
If after several days of stay you think you’ve seen everything in Ibiza, you can always get away to know the charm of the rest of the Balearic Islands.

Ibiza has a large number of hilltops from which you can see the island and its emblematic sunsets. Among these, we highlight Sa Talaia, a 470-metre high hilltop; the highest point in the island. There are several routes to get there and they will allow you to enjoy the privileged views of the island’s south coast. Follow our advice, the views will impress you!

If we had to choose one thing among the many things to see in Ibiza, that would be the sunsets. The west coast allows you to see the sun merging with the sea with shades that you can only enjoy on this island. Its world-famous sunsets have been a muse for producers such as Eric Prydz, who composed the song “Sunset at Café Mambo” to tell his experience about contemplating Ibiza’s sunsets.

Once we know its monuments, its highest points and its terrestrial nature, we cannot forget another visual experience such as exploring the seabed of its beaches. Ibiza provides excellent conditions since the visibility of the water and the exotic marine life make it an ideal place to practice snorkeling or diving.

Last but not least, Ibiza is internationally known for offering the best atmosphere in its nightclubs. The best Djs in the world and electronic music followers gather in impressive nightclubs to enjoy parties that go from sunrise to sunset. Everyone who experience them will repeat again, therefore, you cannot leave the island without knowing them.

Although in this post we made a compilation solely of the 10 most important things to see in Ibiza, there are many places and ideas for you to make the most of the experience during your summer stay on the white island.

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